All the best things in one healthy drink

Convenient, healthy and nutritious. Say hello to the future of food.
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Available in chocolate, vanilla & coffee


39 nutrients, 25% of RDA

Perfectly proportioned carbs, fats, proteins, Omega 3s, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

200 kcals and 3 hours of energy

Steadily absorbed in the blood stream over 3 hours, keeping you active through out the day.

Ready in 45 seconds

Just mix a pack with water, shake and drink. Have it anywhere, any time.


Healthy, nutritious food for today's fast paced life

Modern day living has screwed up our eating habits. Skipping meals, having quick bites of junk food and unhealthy snacking have left us fatigued, un-energetic and nutritionally deficient. Happy Ratio is here to fix that.


13 Vitamins, 15 Minerals, 3 Macronutrients.

Balanced proportions of Nutrients to meet your body's needs.


Lower carbs, lower fats, higher protein.

Special ratio of calories from proteins, carbs and fats for better overall nutrition.


Healthier oils, better sugars, better proteins.

Unique oil blend. Special low GI carbs. Most researched complete protein source.

High Protein
No Cholesterol
GMO Free
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
100% Vegetarian
No Added Sucrose
Low Glycemic Index
Unsaturated Fats
Low Saturated Fat

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Perfect for everyone

Pre-processed, safe ingredients that are known not to cause any side effects, from reputed world class suppliers.

Weight Watchers

Satiate your appetite with a nutritious, balanced meal. End cravings and snacking.

Busy Professionals

Cut down drastically on time spent shopping, cooking and eating. Finish meals in a jiffy.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Know how many calories you’re consuming. Get all your nutrients in a meal.

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  • Pack of 10 meals

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  • Same day delivery in select cities

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