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Science-based benefits of daily use

Learn all about the importance of the 39 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS.

Protects Heart

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Fiber, Monounsaturated Fats, Folate, Potassium and Vitamin D protect your heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels, decreasing inflammation and reducing the risk of blood clots.

Builds Immunity

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, Iron and Protein are very crucial for the growth of your immune cells and their overall function. Your immune system defends your body against harmful pathogens and works on keeping you healthy.

Boosts Metabolism

Calcium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C help you function better and boost your metabolism which eventually helps you manage your weight. Protein also keeps your metabolism at its peak by preserving your muscle mass.

Improves Bone Health

Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus and Magnesium are key nutrients required for maintaining your bone health. Calcium prevents the bones from thinning and Vitamin D helps your body in absorbing Calcium and Phosphorus. Further, Magnesium is known to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in females after menopause.

Aids Muscle Growth

Amino acids in protein play a significant role in muscle growth and help you gain lean muscle. Vitamin B9 and B12 are required for protein synthesis to build muscle and repair tissues after physical activity. Your body also needs Calcium and Potassium to build muscle.

Helps Manage Weight

Protein helps you in weight management by keeping you full for a considerable amount of time. Besides, good metabolism also accelerates weight loss. Potassium is vital in speeding up metabolic process. Iron, on the other hand, also helps in burning fats by carrying oxygen to the blood cells and muscles.

Assists Hair Health

Protein is a building block of your hair health because it provides keratin, elastin and collagen that makes your hair strong and lustrous.
B-complex Vitamins, Vitamin A and C also promote hair growth and protect hair follicles.

Assists Skin Health

Omega 3 fatty acids and Protein are important in keeping your skin supple and glowing. Vitamin A and C support collagen production and control keratin production. Vitamin E and Zinc have anti-inflammatory properties that are effective against skin conditions.

Helps With Mental Health

Vitamin B9 and B12 enhance the production of serotonin and dopamine that eventually help regulate a good mental health state. Omega 3 fatty acid, Iodine, Iron, Zinc, Chromium and Vitamin B6 also contribute in stabilizing mood.

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1 Shake, 2 Ways To Support Your Health

Subscribe to Supplement.

We know you love your morning routine and wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. We suggest you keep having all the food that fills your heart and supplement Happy Ratio just before breakfast because it will take care of your daily nutritional needs by filling the gaps that your food cannot fulfill right at the start of the day. This morning healthy habit will support your health for the rest of the day.

Double Subscribe to Replace.

Replace your breakfast with 2 Happy Ratio sachets, not because it is a quick and easy alternative to cooking meals but because it is an easy hack to getting all your vitamins, minerals, protein and macro nutrients while keeping you full till lunch time. Do it every day. We assure you that this nutritious habit will have a very positive affect on your overall health.

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