Complete Nutrition Blend

All the essential nutrients your body needs, in precise proportions. Fill nutritional gaps in your diet, manage weight loss or gain programs, fuel exercise and sports and manage your overall health.

100% Nutrition Benefits

All Good, No Nasties

Who Consumes Happy Ratio?


Mayank rode 1000 km in 54 hours. A big part of his race was fueled by Happy Ratio's Complete Nutrition Blend.


Aman has competed in more than 35 races. He is consuming Happy Ratio to prepare for a 100km race.


Ajit is the captain and leading scorer of Uttarakhand's state team. He consumed Happy Ratio during matches.

Martial Artist

Prakhar is preparing for the Judo National Championships. He uses Happy Ratio for recovery after training.


Harsh has 50% of his meals as The Complete Nutrition Blend. He also happens to be be its founder.


Padmini lost 7 kilos of weight on Happy Ratio. Now she has it routinely to maintain her weight.

Steady Energy Throughout

"My favorite thing about Happy Ratio isn't just the taste but the steady energy it gives me throughout the day. You know that energy crash after lunch? After two weeks of drinking Happy Ratio, I can barely remember what it’s like."

- Carlton Lamley

I've been experimenting with vitamins & foods for 5 years now, but I'm very impressed with Happy Ratio. It hits all the marks. I can tell that I'm having something nutritious! 

Derick Matthews

I'm trying to lose weight so creating a calorie deficit (with regular exercise) helps a lot. Happy Ratio allows me do that. It's very simple to make. At present, I'm having it for lunch.

Ravi Srivastava

Happy Ratio has not just replaced my breakfast, but it's a form of all-round nutrition. I'm full longer and it keeps my metabolism active. I plan to regularly consume Happy Ratio!

Ashish Sawant