Rs. 199 / drink

10 drinks

How many drinks? ?

  • 10 drinks

    Intentional User

    1 every 3 days for the irregular user. Ideal for post exercise replenishments or when you are supporting your diet when traveling.

  • 20 drinks

    Workweek User

    1 for every day of the workweek. The best way to kickstart your metabolism on work days.

  • 30 drinks

    Daily User

    1 or more for every day of the month. The best way to ensure that you support your health and strength without ever missing a beat.

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Rs. 1,999

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Why Have Happy Ratio If I'm Already Fit & Active?

Happy Ratio is created to provide Complete Nutrition in every serve. There are 36 essential nutrients your body should be consuming every day. It's impractical to get all your nutrition through food sources only. You’ll have to eat too much of too many things!

Happy Ratio is the easiest way to ensure that your fit body has no nutrition loopholes. It provides 400 calories of high-quality nutrition in precise proportions. Many supplements, like multivitamins, are unable to match the dosage that Happy Ratio provides because the quantities of every nutrient cannot be fit into a pill. 

How Often Should I Have It?

  • 3 Boxes (30 Drinks) / month for Powering Up - If you have a healthy weight and plan to put on muscle then having Happy Ratio before your exercise will provide 27 grams of high-quality whey protein. Getting your nutrition every day is a good rule of thumb even for rest days. 30 drinks, one for each day of the month will have you covered.
  • 2 Boxes (20 Drinks) / month for Maintaining - Consuming Happy Ratio from Monday-Friday and taking the weekend off is a frequently followed program amongst health-conscious individuals. 20 drinks, during the work week, will last you a month.
  • 1 Box (10 Drinks) / month for Competing - Planning to run a marathon? cyclothon? or even trek? Grab a Happy Ratio only when you need to train or compete? 10 drinks should suffice!

How Should I Make It?

  1. Pour 1 glass (300 ml) chilled water to your shaker/blender
  2. Empty the Happy Ratio sachet into your shaker/blender
  3. Shake or Blend until mix dissolves

What Flavour Should I Try?

We have seen chocolate lovers become regular vanilla drinkers and vanilla lovers subscribe to the chocolate flavour! We recommend trying both so you develop a palate for variety.

What is Happy Ratio Made Of?

WHEY PROTEIN - Derived from milk, whey is the most researched complete protein source in the world because it contains all 9 essential amino acids and has a Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1, the highest possible. We import our whey from Canada.

SUNFLOWER, FLAXSEED & SESAME - Oils from this unique blend of vegetarian sources creates a balanced fatty acid profile ratio (Monounsaturated : polyunsaturated) of 1:2. These are important for normal metabolism. They ensure you have no deficiency symptoms including fatigue, poor memory or dry skin.

ISOMALTULOSE - Isomaltulose is a naturally occurring disaccharide synthesized from beets. It is half as sweet as sugar and offers sustained energy without the spikes that refined sugars are known for.

VITAMINS & MINERALS - As much as 22% of all enzymes require some vitamin or mineral to work properly and they are very important for preventing disease and healthy aging. Happy Ratio has every one of the 26 vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

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