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10 drinks

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  • 10 drinks

    Intentional User

    1 every 3 days for the irregular user. Ideal for post exercise replenishments or when you are supporting your diet when traveling.

  • 20 drinks

    Workweek User

    1 for every day of the workweek. The best way to kickstart your metabolism on work days.

  • 30 drinks

    Daily User

    1 or more for every day of the month. The best way to ensure that you support your health and strength without ever missing a beat.

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Rs. 1,999

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It is impractical to get the nutrition Happy Ratio provides through traditional food. You will have to eat too much of too many things and it still may not be enough. Lean on science! Get all the nutrition you need everyday in one shot.

13 Minerals,  14 Vitamins, 4 Macronutrients. - Low carbs, Low fats, high protein with Healthier oils, better sugars, better proteins.  

30+ nutrients, 25% of RDA - Perfectly proportioned carbs, fats, proteins, Omega 3s, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

400 kCals, 4 hours of energy - Steadily absorbed in the blood stream over 4 hours, keeping you active throughout the day.

Ready in 45 seconds - Just mix a pack with water, shake and drink. Have it anywhere, any time. Perfect for your travels.


Weight Watchers - Satiate your appetite with a nutritious, balanced meal. End cravings and snacking.

Busy Bees - Cut down drastically on time spent shopping, cooking and eating. Finish meals in a jiffy.

Fitness Freaks - Know how many calories you're consuming. Get all your nutrients in a meal.

INGREDIENTS: Whey protein concentrate, Maltodextrin, Isomaltulose, Edible vegetable oils (High oleic sunflower oil, Sesame oil, Flax seed oil), Fructose, Mineral premix, Cocoa solids, Wheat fiber, Vitamin premix,  Emulsifiers and Stabilizer INS-466, INS-415, INS-322 and anticaking agent INS-551, Choline. CONTAINS ADDED VANILLA & CHOCOLATE FLAVOURS.

*Total saturated fat not more than 2% by weight. Total trans fat not more than 0.1% by weight.

HOW TO USE: Blend the contents of the sachet with 300ml cold water or 300ml cold milk till the mix dissolves, and drink to replace breakfast or lunch or dinner.


Give yourself some time to get used to it - The first 2 days are the hardest because your body is adjusting to getting a meal's nutrition in liquid form. This is completely fine and normal.

Don't switch all meals right from the start - While moving all meals to Happy Ratio is completely safe, we suggest taking it slow so your body doesn't react too harshly to a sudden change.

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Questions & Answers

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  • What is the pH value of HappyRatio meal?

    Hi there, the pH is approximately 6.5 for Happy Ratio.

  • is it Lactose and gluten-free?

    It is gluten-free. It does have very little lactose, less than the amount beyond which lactose intolerant people react negatively to it.

  • How many calories does one serving have?

    Around 425 calories

  • How many servings does a single box have?

    Each box has 10 servings.