Rs. 199 / drink

10 drinks

How many drinks? ?

  • 10 drinks

    Intentional User

    1 every 3 days for the irregular user. Ideal for post exercise replenishments or when you are supporting your diet when traveling.

  • 20 drinks

    Workweek User

    1 for every day of the workweek. The best way to kickstart your metabolism on work days.

  • 30 drinks

    Daily User

    1 or more for every day of the month. The best way to ensure that you support your health and strength without ever missing a beat.

Rs. 1,999

Rs. 1,999

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Why should I try Happy Ratio? 

Each Happy Ratio drink provides complete nutrition, powering your body and mind. It is impractical and inconvenient to obtain 30+ vital nutrients through food or supplements because you will have to eat too much of too many things. 

How often should I have it?

30 Drinks For Daily Users 

Get your dose of nutrition by drinking Happy Ratio daily. Three boxes (30 drinks) will get you covered for each day of the month.

20 Drinks For Workweek Users

Stay healthy during the weekday by drinking Happy Ratio from Monday to Friday. Two boxes (20 drinks) will help you remain healthy and strong.

10 Drinks For Sporadic Users

Consume Happy Ratio on-the-go while you're traveling or too busy to eat. One box (10 drinks) will suffice.

How do I make a Happy Ratio meal?

    1. Pour 1 glass (300 ml) chilled water to your shaker/blender
    2. Empty the Happy Ratio sachet into your shaker/blender
    3. Shake or Blend until mix dissolves
      What flavour should I try? 
      We have seen chocolate lovers become regular vanilla drinkers and vanilla lovers subscribe to the chocolate flavour! We recommend trying both so you develop a palate for variety.

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