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How Can Happy Ratio Help Me Lose Weight?

Happy Ratio keeps you fuller for longer with complete nutrition in every serve. Happy Ratio’s Weight Watchers Program goes a step further and offers you a prescription of when you should eat, what you should eat and how much you should eat. We know that you will be tempted to cheat by eating a cake here and a burger there but there are no shortcuts to hard work and discipline, which is why we have built a system which when followed, offers results. If you want to be healthier, stronger and thinner then all you have to do is follow the steps.

How Often Should I Consume Happy Ratio To Lose Weight?

To lose fat and consequently weight, you should consume fewer calories than you're burning. Remember the good system which you stick to is better than the perfect system you don’t! Trust the system we have laid out below to see results.

You should be consuming two Happy Ratios daily given the program described below: 4 Boxes (40 Drinks) / month

Happy Ratio Weight Watchers Program:

1. Breakfast & Dinner - Take 1 pack of Happy Ratio at breakfast and take another Happy Ratio at dinner from Monday to Friday. Yes! You will have cravings but most of this psychological impulse will slowly wean off as you start to lose all the extra fat that you have put on.

2. Rules for Lunch

  • Have meals during the day in the following proportions
    • 1/3rd protein (chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, etc),
    • 1/3rd beans (lentils, black beans, other beans),
    • 1/3rd vegetables (any type)
    • Include healthy oils (extra virgin olive oil) as a dressing
    • You can have as much of this at one meal time as you want. Don't starve yourself.
    3. Food Rules
    • Eat within a 10-hour window. Your first non-water meal or drink will break your fast to start the clock. We suggest you make your 10-hour window from 10am - 8pm. If you just change 1 habit, this should be it. It will lead to a huge difference over time.
    • Avoid any white food item during the workweek. This means no types of bread, rice or pasta!
    • Don’t drink sugary calories (juices, carbonated beverages, shakes).
    • Avoid milk as it’s insulinemic response impedes weight loss.
    • Don’t have coffee after 3 pm. We need you to start sleeping well. A good night's sleep will make a big difference in your fat loss journey.
    • Don’t keep any snacks or junk food at home! If it is in your house then it will probably end up in your stomach. You won’t be able to hold back your impulses.
    • Make Saturdays your Faturdays. Whatever you crave eating during the week, have it on your Faturday. Eat it until you are sick of it. You need an outlet and this is a disciplined way of doing it. The remaining 6 days, however, eat clean.

          How Should I Make It?

            1. Pour 1 glass (300 ml) chilled water to your shaker/blender
            2. Empty the Happy Ratio sachet into your shaker/blender
            3. Shake or Blend until mix dissolves

            What Flavour Should I Try?

            We have seen chocolate lovers become regular vanilla drinkers and vanilla lovers subscribe to the chocolate flavour! We recommend trying both so you develop a palate for variety.

            What is Happy Ratio Made Of?

            WHEY PROTEIN - Derived from milk, whey is the most researched complete protein source in the world because it contains all 9 essential amino acids and has a Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1, the highest possible. Compared to whey, plant based proteins contain less essential amino acids, especially leucine, are less digestible and of lower quality. We import our whey from Canada.

            SUNFLOWER, FLAXSEED & SESAME - Oils from this unique blend of vegetarian sources creates a balanced fatty acid profile ratio (Monounsaturated : polyunsaturated) of 1:2. These are important for normal metabolism. They ensure you have no deficiency symptoms including fatigue, poor memory or dry skin.

            ISOMALTULOSE - Isomaltulose is a naturally occurring disaccharide synthesized from beets. It is half as sweet as sugar and offers sustained energy without the spikes that refined sugars are known for.

            VITAMINS & MINERALS - As much as 22% of all enzymes require some vitamin or mineral to work properly and they are very important for preventing disease and healthy aging. Happy Ratio has every one of the 26 vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

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            Questions & Answers

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            • Is Happy Ratio vegan?

              Happy Ratio uses whey as it’s source of protein making it a vegetarian instead of a vegan product. We chose whey as the protein source because plant based proteins are low in Essential Amino Acids, especially Leucine. This leads to limited protein synthesis. In short, plant proteins are less bioavailable and of lower quality even if different plant protein types are blended together. Whey scores the highest when it comes to Essential Amino Acids.  

            • Can Happy Ratio be used if I have diabetes?

              Happy Ratio has been designed to be low on glycemic load which means that it will not lead to a spike in blood glucose levels. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.  

            • Can I drink Happy Ratio if I am pregnant or nursing?

              There is no ingredient in Happy Ratio which is harmful for pregnant or nursing mothers. However, Happy Ratio has been formulated for the nutritional needs of adults so each serve of Happy Ratio will be different than the nutritional needs of pregnant or nursing mothers. However, for any specific medical case please make sure you consult your doctor.  

            • Can I lose weight drinking Happy Ratio?

              You can use it to lose weight, maintain or gain weight. Happy Ratio helps different people achieve their specific goals based on their needs.  

            • Can Happy Ratio be used as a meal replacement?

              Yes, Happy Ratio is frequently used as a meal replacement along with the means to satisfy your daily requirements for Complete Nutrition.  

            • How many calories is each pack

              Each pack has 400 calories. Enough to fuel you for uoto four hours.  

            • How many in one pack ?

              One box has 10 sachets.