Hi there, I’m Harsh Batra, founder of Happy Ratio.
I’ve been healthy for as long as I can remember and have always been passionate about self-improvement and learning more about my health. Back in 2013, I was chugging protein shakes, popping vitamin pills and a host of other supplements and I thought to myself, why do I have to consume so many things? Why can’t there be one solution? Turns out there is, it’s called Soylent. I’m a big fan of them; they started a movement. But buying that in India would be too expensive for daily consumption. There were Indian alternatives but they weren’t nutritious enough.

So I thought to myself again, “Why don’t I create one?”

Cut to 2016 and I’m at the factory seated with India’s top scientists learning more about how to create a shake that is nutritious, tasty and affordable. Several batches of production later, we finally created Supermeal X, which eventually rebranded into the Happy Ratio that you know today.

Trusting a new brand with your health is not easy, I would think twice before making the decision too. This is a challenge and it gets me anxious. Happy Ratio and starting up in general gets me anxious. Whether you would trust us with your health gets me anxious. But then when I see a WhatsApp message from a customer saying how much they loved Happy Ratio, I remember what I wish to derive out of this. I wish to pass down my passion for being healthy and be a part of others journey to achieve that goal.

I knew that I could not do this on my own. So I went ahead and assembled a team of 5+ rockstars to help me reach out to you guys. I am thrilled at where Happy Ratio stands today and how it is growing every day.

My chest swells with pride when I see the number of people, just like you, who have taken a leap of faith with us. I can proudly say that they have been satisfied with Happy Ratio and I know for a fact that once you take a step toward Happy Ratio, toward your health and toward Happy Ratio playing a role in your healthy journey, you would be too.

Harsh Batra