Hi there, I’m Harsh Batra, founder of Happy Ratio.
I am a fairly healthy guy. My family's obsession with food being our medicine rubbed off on me in my childhood. Add to that my passion for self-improvement, exercise and sports and you see a lean muscular guy who loves to play Cricket and stay in shape. My eating habits have really helped me maintain my health. What we eat has a direct impact on how we look, feel and perform. Food is and always will be one of the core pillars of health. However, my experience as I approach my 40th year has been that eating well is not enough. Getting all the nutrition you need through food alone requires one to eat and drink too much of too many things. It is impractical to consume so much! Health Supplements provide a practical solution. You need nutrition supplements to fill the gaps that your food habits leave behind.

If you Google “Recommended Dietary Allowance” you will get the following result from the National Academy of Medicine: “Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) are the levels of intake of essential nutrients that, on the basis of scientific knowledge, are judged by the Food and Nutrition Board to be adequate to meet the known nutrient needs of practically all healthy persons.” I was following the RDA by tracking my food intake and then buying shakes and pills from multiple brands to fill in the gaps. It was an inconvenient way of ensuring that I met my daily nutrition needs. To solve this problem I got together with a team of experts to create Happy Ratio - a brand that creates “All-In-One” Health Shakes to provide Complete Health Support in just one daily drink.

I am excited and nervous about the journey we are on. I am excited because our customers love the simplicity and power of Happy Ratio. I am nervous because we need enough customers so that the business can become self-sustainable. Creating what you see today has been a decade-long journey, an inspiring idea that has manifested itself into an amazing product for the family. Telling our story so that you trust us with your health is where almost all our resources are now focused.

We now have six variants. They cater to both vegans and vegetarians. They are all gluten and preservative free. They come in delicious chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavours. Those who don’t want to miss out on any nutrients have the All-In-One Health Shake. Those who want zero added carbs and double the protein have the All-In-One Protein Shakes. Irrespective of what you choose, I assure you that if you spend 100 rupees on your health every day, you won’t find a better partner than Happy Ratio. Start this healthy habit now, have Happy Ratio every morning and feel the subtle power of All-In-One Nutrition to make you look, feel and perform at your peak every day.

I read every email and we respond to everyone so please reach out to me at hello@happyratio.com if you have any questions.

Onwards and upwards!