The evolution of food went wrong. We're fixing it.


Everything around us has evolved; the way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we work, the way we enjoy ourselves. Everything except the way we eat.

We still eat from the same sources we did 100 years ago. The difference is that we have 100x more variety to choose from. Our minds are constantly bombarded with our favourite drool worthy dishes. Smartphones and the internet have made our food porn fantasies come to life by allowing us to order our favourite fast foods in a click, anytime, any day, everyday. Moderation and balance has made way for excess and convenience. Health has made way for bellies. Our food habits now provide us a dopamine boosting, nutritionally deficient escape from the daily grind instead of allowing us to replenish, reenergise and nourish our minds and bodies.

Unlike a 100 years ago, life is way faster. Siestas are uncommon. Packed schedules are the norm. Lack of time means that we end up skipping meals, and eating convenient junk food is the easiest solution to keeping your hunger at bay in such scenarios. This pattern has allowed lifestyle diseases like diabetes to rule supreme. The alternative is just too inconvenient because getting healthy, wholesome food is difficult, expensive and unappealing. Either you wake up early to cook, get someone to do it for you or order in.

Food was meant to evolve to make us better in every aspect, not worse! So we created Happy Ratio to fix the evolution of food.

Happy Ratio stands for balance. It is convenient and healthy at the same time. It fits into your lifestyle based on your needs. Trying to lose weight? Happy Ratio will keep you satiated before your impulsive binge takes over. Too busy to eat? Happy Ratio will fit into your pocket so that your body functions at its peak all day long. Are you a fitness freak who needs to replenish his reserves after a workout? Happy Ratio has you covered.

We are not anti-food. We are pro-balance.

We are on a mission to make you stop skipping breakfast, eating impulsively when you get hungry, running on low energy and putting on excessive weight by eating empty calories.

For entrepreneurs, students, artists, executives, bankers, lawyers and athletes from 37 cities across India, Happy Ratio has now become an integral part of their lives, meal replacement for any period of the day.

The team

We started Happy Ratio in 2013 with the goal of bringing balance back into our lifestyles by changing the way food was evolving. We experimented with different formulas (The Perfect Meal and SupermealX), and learnt in realtime through objective blood tests and subjective feedbacks. As evangelists started consuming us across 37 cities across India, experts joined us to create the Future of Food.

Harsh Batra

Over the last ten years Harsh has objectively tracked his health through blood tests, measured his exercise regiment to the T, and aims to better nutrition worldwide. He’s imported and tested nutritional supplements, devours the latest scientific research, and seeks out advice from MDs, nutritionists, scientists and pharmacologists.

Vidit Sinha

As the driving force behind the brand, he spearheads every idea from conception to execution. With his operational expertise, he streamlines processes, optimises resources, and increases efficiency. He is the go-to person for problem-solving. An indispensable member of the team, he ensures the brand's operations run smoothly, enabling outstanding results.

Deepak Batra

Is an operation expert with over 30 years of experience in working with both the public and private sector. He has successfully run multiple campaigns which required the involvement and participation of brands like Pepsi and Hyundai and agencies like UNEP and the Government of India. If you want to get anything done, he makes it happen.

Marina Torchia

Started her career as a Swiss Journalist who covered food as a source for health remedies. Over the past several decades she has implemented the latest research to use food as medicine to treat all kinds of ailments. When she got diagnosed with lupus, a rare incurable autoimmune disease, she implemented what she preached. Her doctors were surprised to see that she ate her way out of the illness.

Shaunee Dey

As the overseer of the brand's communication strategy, she closely collaborates with the design and marketing teams to align messaging with objectives. Her dedication, storytelling passion, and exceptional communication skills play a vital role in shaping the brand's identity and effectively conveying its message to the audience.

Nisha Thakur

With her keen attention to detail and understanding of design principles, she crafts visually stunning and effective solutions for the brand. From concept to execution, her designs elevate the brand and deliver results. She constantly pushes boundaries, experimenting with new techniques and technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

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