FAQ on all things Happy Ratio



What is Happy Ratio?

Happy Ratio stands for “Complete Nutrition”. Each pouch of Happy Ratio is a delicious drink that serves you 400 calories of energy and 25% of all your daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

What does “Complete Nutrition” mean?

Complete Nutrition means that everything that a healthy adult should consume everyday is present in each and every serve of Happy Ratio.

How do I use Happy Ratio?

How you incorporate Happy Ratio into your lifestyle completely depends on you. We want to ensure that you are getting all the nutrition that your body requires every single day to keep you healthy and strong. You can have it as any one of your three meals - breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How do I prepare a drink of Happy Ratio?

Pour 300ml of chilled water into your shaker/blender, add all the full contents of one pouch and blend or shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Voila! It’s that easy.

Who is Happy Ratio intended for?

Happy Ratio is intended for anyone who wants to be healthy and strong. By having 1 Happy Ratio daily you get Complete Nutrition. Health-conscious busy professionals, athletes and weight loss users have incorporated Happy Ratio into their daily routine.

How long does my Happy Ratio last? How do I store them?

Sealed inside a sachet, Happy Ratio can last as long as 12 months from the date of manufacture. Once blended into water, it is recommended that you consume Happy Ratio immediately.

It's best to keep store Happy Ratio in ambient condition and room temperature. Ideal locations for storage are cool, dry, well-ventilated places that are away from direct sunlight.


I love eating food. Why would I have Happy Ratio?

We love eating food too! Happy Ratio is not meant to replace food. It is meant to ensure that you get Complete Nutrition irrespective of what you eat. It is impractical and sometimes impossible to get the nutrition that you require through food sources because you will have to eat too much of too many things.

Who should try Happy Ratio? Who is Happy Ratio suitable for?

Try it if you are:

  • Fitness Freaks - Know how many calories you're consuming. Get all your nutrients in a meal.
  • Weight Watchers - Satiate your appetite with a nutritious, balanced meal. End cravings and snacking.
  • Busy Professionals - Finish meals in a jiffy without having to skip or eat junk food!

Can Happy Ratio be used as a meal replacement?

Yes, Happy Ratio is frequently used as a meal replacement along with the means to satisfy your daily requirements for Complete Nutrition.

Can Happy Ratio help improve my diet?

Yes it can! Happy Ratio contains all the nutrition that your body requires, in the right form, with the right quantities. If you tend to skip meals or eat junk food, have a Happy Ratio handy.

Is this a protein shake?

Happy Ratio is much more than a protein shake. A protein shake predominantly has only protein as it’s major component. Happy Ratio has 30+ nutrients including protein to ensure that you get everything that your body needs to be healthy and strong.

Each serve of Happy Ratio has 27 grams of imported Whey Protein from Canada, more per serve than the best protein brands in the world.

Can it be used for instant energy or purely recovery?

It can be used for both. Once you drink Happy Ratio you will notice your energy levels rise, not to mention it’ll keep you going for at least 4 hrs. If you are super active and need more energy, you can consider adding nuts, bananas, blueberries or mix it with milk instead of water. Happy Ratio is really versatile! Our flavours come in Chocolate and Vanilla so you have enough to modify to make it just as you like it. You can also use it for recovery since the drink doesn’t give you a post meal slump and makes you feel replenished.

Can I give Happy Ratio to my child?

There is no ingredient in Happy Ratio which is harmful for children. However, Happy Ratio has been formulated for adult nutritional needs so each serve will fulfil a higher dose of the nutritional needs required for children. Only children above the age of 5 should have Happy Ratio. Children below that age have different nutritional requirements.


Can I lose weight drinking Happy Ratio?

You can use it to lose weight, maintain or gain weight. Happy Ratio helps different people achieve their specific goals based on their needs.

Your weight is a function of how many calories you consume and burn everyday. If weight loss is your goal Happy Ratio can help you successfully lose weight since it keeps you fuller for longer. If you are satiated, the temptation to grab the next carb rich snack or meal will be lower tilting the odds of weight loss in your favour. Over time, those extra kilos will melt away.

Can I drink Happy Ratio if I am pregnant or nursing?

There is no ingredient in Happy Ratio which is harmful for pregnant or nursing mothers. However, Happy Ratio has been formulated for the nutritional needs of adults so each serve of Happy Ratio will be different than the nutritional needs of pregnant or nursing mothers. However, for any specific medical case please make sure you consult your doctor.

Can Happy Ratio be used if I have diabetes?

Happy Ratio has been designed to be low on glycemic load which means that it will not lead to a spike in blood glucose levels. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

I have a heart condition, is Happy Ratio safe for me?

For any specific medical case please make sure you consult your doctor. Our product has 0 cholesterol.

Is Happy Ratio gluten free?

Yes, it is gluten free. Additionally, Happy Ratio has NO nasties - NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDED SUGAR and is GMO-FREE and CHOLESTEROL-FREE.

Is Happy Ratio vegan?

Happy Ratio uses whey as it’s source of protein making it a vegetarian instead of a vegan product. We chose whey as the protein source because plant based proteins are low in Essential Amino Acids, especially Leucine. This leads to limited protein synthesis. In short, plant proteins are less bioavailable and of lower quality even if different plant protein types are blended together. Whey scores the highest when it comes to Essential Amino Acids.