Where is Happy Ratio made?

Happy Ratio is made in a manufacturing unit that is approved by the FSSAI, the USDA, India Organic, GMP, HACCP and ISO. The facility is located in the National Capital Region of India.

Has Happy Ratio been tested?

Random samples taken from batches made are periodically tested in NABL accredited laboratories for conformance with product standards set.

How safe is it to drink Happy Ratio every day?

Happy Ratio is made using carefully selected ingredients of the highest possible quality with a simple robust process and stringent packaging norms to ensure that the product stays safe throughout its shelf life. Therefore it is extremely safe to consume Happy Ratio daily.

How do I prepare Happy Ratio?

Take 300ml of cold water in a shaker or blender. Tear open the content of one pouch. Shake vigorously or mix for 30 seconds. Voila! You are ready to consume Happy Ratio.

How long do the packets last? How do I store them?

The shelf life of the product is 12 months from the date of manufacture. It's best to keep it in ambient condition which means room temperature works. Preferred if you can keep it in cools dry well ventilated places away from direct sunlight.

Is it safe to drink Happy Ratio a day after it's been prepared?

Since the process is so simple to make its ideal to make and consume immediately. It is not recommended to keep the product for a prolonged period of time after blending it with water.



Can I use Happy Ratio for all meals?

Yes you can. Making a lifestyle change impacts different people differently which is why we recommend that you start with replacing just one meal a day before you add more to fit into your food habits.

Can I use Happy Ratio only as a backup when I don't have a freshly prepared meal?

Of course! We have customers using Happy Ratio everyday for lunch and we also have customers who have it only when they travel. The way you bring Happy Ratio into your life is your choice.

Once I start Happy Ratio, do I have to use it through my life time?

You are welcome to! :) We have! But again the choice is yours. Happy Ratio is extremely nutritious, balanced and versatile to meet your needs.

Can my kids have Happy Ratio as well?

The product has been designed as per adult nutrition requirements. So it's not recommended to feed your kids with Happy Ratio since the micronutrients will be higher than what's recommended for them.

How many glasses of Happy Ratio should I have in a day?

1 serving of Happy Ratio equals one meal. That will amount to approximately 400-500ml. Depending on how big your glass is, it can fit into one glass or two glasses.



I'm pregnant. Is Happy Ratio recommended for me?

For any specific medical case please make sure you consult your doctor.

I have a heart condition, is Happy Ratio safe for me?

For any specific medical case please make sure you consult your doctor. Our product has 0 cholesterol.

I have diabetes. Can I have Happy Ratio?

The product has been designed to be low on glycemic load which means that it will not lead to spike in blood glucose levels. However it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Can I use Happy Ratio to lose weight?

Absolutely. Weight management is purely a calorie in calorie out equation. Happy Ratio allows you to easily know the amount of calories that you are consuming. Each Happy Ratio has 425 calories per serve. If your basal metabolic rate is higher than what you are consuming everyday then overtime you will lose weight.

I have a nut allergy/am lactose intolerant. Is Happy Ratio safe for me?

The product is absolutely free of nuts. Since the protein source is whey, traces of lactose could be present.

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Do you ship through India? And what about abroad?

Yes we ship all over India. Currently we are not shipping abroad.

Can I buy Happy Ratio at any store?

No. You can only buy Happy Ratio through our website or Amazon.

Can I subscribe to Happy Ratio?

Yes you can subscribe to Happy Ratio through Amazon.

I'm not happy with Happy Ratio. Can I get a refund?

Please send us an email on and let us know your customer details so that we can share the details required to get a refund.

Can I cancel my subscription after I've started?

Of course. The subscription settings should be available on the Amazon website.

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