Food is not the problem, habits are.

Our minds are constantly bombarded with our favourite drool-worthy dishes. It is hard to resist temptations. Smartphones and the internet have made our food porn fantasies come to life by allowing us to order our favourite fast food in a click, anytime, any day, every day. Moderation and balance have made way for excess and convenience. Health has made way for fat bellies. Our food habits now provide us a dopamine boosting, nutritionally deficient escape from the daily grind. Why now replenish, re-energise and nourish our minds and bodies instead? We want to change this trend so we created Happy Ratio.

What is Happy Ratio?

Happy Ratio stands for Complete Nutrition. We have created a drink that provides health and strength in a single serve. Happy Ratio has nutrients which power your muscles, your brain, your metabolism and your immunity. It is impractical and inconvenient to get high-quality measured nutrition through food or supplements because you need to eat too much of too many things. We created a special formula that has it all - complete nutrition in a single serve.

Whatever your goal is, Happy Ratio will help you reach it.

Enjoy food, but also be healthy!

Imagine you can buy any car in the world. The catch? It'll be the only car you will own for the rest of your life! Your body is the same. You got to look after it because you only get one. Food is always going to be available in abundance. Your health, however, is precious. We are on a mission to make you stop skipping breakfast, eating impulsively when you get hungry, running on low energy and putting on excessive weight by eating empty calories. Give us an opportunity to look after your health. Try Happy Ratio!


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