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All-in-one supplement delivers 50 key nutrients that support your health for a happier, healthier you.

Why you should have Happy Ratio?

Weight Loss
You need to cut down on calories without feeling hungry. Happy Ratio keeps you full so the craving to constantly eat is kept in check. Simultaneously you get nutrition that your body will thank you for as your waistline will recede to levels where your family and friends will say "You have lost weight! Are you on a diet?"
Give Happy Ratio the time it deserves because just like everything good in life it takes patience and consistency to see results. 

Busy Professional

Every few hours you need to decide what to eat. Usually what that means is that if you are busy or tired you will default to eating "comfort foods" that are not good for you or your waistline. You will also feel drowsy after a heavy meal which will affect your work productivity. Let Happy Ratio take 1 out of the 3 meal decisions off your plate while giving you the consistent energy you need to beat the competition.

Active lifestyle

You value your health and do something about it by walking, playing sports or lifting weights.You also know that nutrition makes up as much as 80% of your performance as it is the fuel that drives you. Happy Ratio will look after your energy, bones, muscles, heart, mind and even skin. With as many as 50 nutrients you will be hard pressed to find a better nutrition product.

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Loved it!
The texture and sweetness were just right. I tried two other brands, and Happy Ratio is way tastier than both of them. The calorie content is also apt for a meal.

- Aparna Thomas

My saviour for the breakfasts

This has been my fulfilling breakfast meal for some time. It helped me a lot during my sick days, where my body got all the required nutrients and I didn't have to put much effort to prepare breakfast. This keep my energy high and my body healthy.

- Abheesha Patnaik

Super Product!

I have tried many meal replacement shakes! this is by far the best! very balanced and filling! I recommend it for lose weight and also anyone who wants to have a balanced diet 👍 👍 👍

- Bikram Oberoi


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Happy Ratio

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