What is Happy Ratio?

Happy Ratio makes Indians healthy by scientifically creating "All-In-One" Nutrition products that have all the 39 essential nutrients in precise proportions. This caters to every aspect of health (immunity, heart, bones, muscles, skin, hair) and solves a real pain point as 1 product taken daily is all that is needed.

What does Happy Ratio's Complete Nutrition Blend have?

The Complete Nutrition Blend provides all the essential nutrients your body needs, in precise proportions. To get this density of nutrition through food is impractical because you will have to eat too much of too many things. Happy Ratio uses nutrition science to provide a blend which delivers all the vital nutrients synchronously. Each serve fills nutrition gaps in varied diets, helps manage weight loss programs, fuels exercise and sports and helps manage overall health. The blend contains nutrients with known benefits on varied aspects of health.

How do I use Happy Ratio?

How you incorporate Happy Ratio into your lifestyle completely depends on you. We want to ensure that you are getting all the nutrition that your body requires every single day to keep you healthy and strong. You can have it as any one of your three meals - breakfast, lunch or dinner, or as a snack during the day.

How do I prepare a serve of The Complete Nutrition Blend?

1 serve makes a snack - Pour 150ml cold water into a shaker/blender. Add 1 serve (half a sachet, 50g). Shake or blend until mix dissolves

2 serves makes a meal - Pour 300ml cold water into a shaker/blender. Add 2 serves (full sachet,100g). Shake or blend until mix dissolves.

What is The Complete Nutrition Blend intended for?

You can have a drink daily to: MANAGE OVERALL HEALTH BY FILLING GAPS IN YOUR DIET - One serve provides all the essential nutrients your body needs in precise proportions. Whatever lacks in your diet is fulfilled daily through a serve. It is like nutritional insurance because you cover all bases. LOSE WEIGHT - We know what will make you lose weight. Even you know it! The problem is that it is hard to change your relationship with food. Happy Ratio's weight loss program will give you access to a weight loss regiment with a holistic prescription on how to change your relationship with food. By following the steps you will shed the fat and be proud of who you see in the mirror. FUEL EXERCISE AND SPORTS - Your body needs a steady source of energy. Your muscles need food. Your blood needs electrolytes. Happy Ratio has it all and more. Have before your activity to provide yourself sustained energy from all the macronutrients for up to four hours. It is fuel that is very light on the stomach.

How long does my Happy Ratio last? How do I store them?

Sealed inside a sachet, Happy Ratio lasts for 18 months from the date of manufacture. Once blended into water, it is recommended that you consume Happy Ratio immediately. It's best to keep store Happy Ratio in ambient condition and room temperature. Ideal locations for storage are cool, dry, well-ventilated places that are away from direct sunlight.