What is Happy Ratio?

Happy Ratio makes "All-In-One" Nutrition products - All-In-One Health Shake and All-In-One Protein Shake - that have all the 39 essential nutrients for complete nutrition and health support in precise proportions. The All-In-One shakes cater to every aspect of your health (immunity, heart, bones, muscles, skin, hair) and solves them with one product taken daily. Happy Ratio takes care of your daily nutrition so that you don’t have to.

What does Happy Ratio's All-In-One Nutrition have?

Happy Ratio provides all the 39 essential nutrients your body needs, in precise proportions. To get this density of nutrition through food is impractical because you will have to eat too much of too many things. Happy Ratio uses nutrition science to provide a blend which delivers all the vital nutrients synchronously. Each serve fills nutrition gaps in varied diets, helps manage weight loss programs, fuels exercise and sports and helps manage overall health. The blend contains nutrients with known benefits on varied aspects of health.

How do I use Happy Ratio?

There is no substitute for nutrient-dense meals. Good food is the foundation for good health but ensuring that you are eating well all the time is impractical. Happy Ratio was created to ensure that you get each and every nutrient so that whatever is missing in your diet is covered by a serving of Happy Ratio. How you incorporate Happy Ratio into your lifestyle completely depends on you. You could either use it as a snack or a meal itself.

Are there chances of overdosing on certain Vitamins/Minerals?

Our formula aims to provide you with 25% of your recommended dietary nutrients. So think of Happy Ratio as nutritional insurance. Let us explain, because we don’t eat the same foods on a daily basis, your body’s intake of vitamins and minerals spike throughout the week - few days you might get the daily requirement for Vitamin A and K, but you’re lagging behind in the other nutrients. But with Happy Ratio, you’re getting 25% of all the nutrients every single day, and even if you might not be able to get 100% of all the nutrients you’re still hitting a certain number on a daily basis.

How soon can I start seeing results?

If you’re using Happy Ratio to lose weight/gain muscle - it’s much quicker to see results, simply because we’ve quantified everything and you can easily fit this in your diet. All our ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers in the industry to provide you with the most nutrient-dense formula possible. Having said that, everything that is important cannot be measured and everything that is measurable is not important. Science has allowed us to validate that the nutrition we are providing you through Happy Ratio has a positive impact on your physiology. You should be looking at Happy Ratio as a way to ensure that you always hit every nutrient everyday, irrespective of your diet, weight or health conditions.

How do I prepare it?

To have Happy Ratio All-In-One Health Shake everyday as a snack, mix a sachet with 150ml of chilled water (or milk, if that’s how you prefer it) and to have it as a meal, mix two sachets with 300ml of chilled water (or milk, if that’s how you prefer it) to ensure you are getting complete nutrition daily.

To have Happy Ratio All-In-One Protein Shake everyday as a snack or pre-workout or post-workout nutrition, mix a sachet with 250ml of chilled water (or milk, if that’s how you prefer it) to ensure your complete nutrition and support your workout performance and recovery daily.

What is All-In-One Nutrition blend intended for?

You can have a drink daily to:

MANAGE OVERALL HEALTH BY FILLING GAPS IN YOUR DIET - One serve provides all the essential nutrients your body needs in precise proportions. Whatever lacks in your diet is fulfilled daily through a serve. It is like nutritional insurance because you cover all bases.

LOSE WEIGHT - We know what will make you lose weight. Even you know it! The problem is that it is hard to change your relationship with food. Happy Ratio's weight loss program will give you access to a weight-loss regiment with a holistic prescription on how to change your relationship with food. By following the steps you will shed the fat and be proud of who you see in the mirror.

FUEL EXERCISE AND SPORTS - Your body needs a steady source of energy. Your muscles need food. Your blood needs electrolytes. Happy Ratio has it all and more. Have Happy Ratio before your activity to provide yourself sustained energy from all the macronutrients for up to four hours. It is fuel that is very light on the stomach.

How long does my Happy Ratio last? How do I store them?

Sealed inside a sachet, Happy Ratio lasts for 18 months from the date of manufacture. Once blended into water, it is recommended that you consume Happy Ratio immediately.

It's best to store Happy Ratio in ambient condition and room temperature. Ideal locations for storage are cool, dry, well-ventilated places that are away from direct sunlight.