Happiness is a state of mind
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Why Happy Sundays?

Happy Sundays is your regular newsletter. Did you expect us to call it ‘not your regular newsletter’? Well, we wanted to at first. But, we thought that everything we cover in our newsletters is so simple and applicable to your regular life so why not maintain that transparency? That’s also what Happy Ratio stands for after all.

As we mentioned, wellness is not a physical state but a mental state too. As much as what we eat affects our physical appearance, what we read affects our mental being. As a brand, we wanted to talk more about life than only the health aspect of it. Think about it. Life is big. And you can live it large if you take care of all the aspects of your life - health, relationships, culture, business, career, money, and you keep adding to the list.

We wanted to make it easy for you to know and understand more about life through the lenses of other people so that you can soak that in and flip them around and apply them to your life. Happy Sundays is a light 10-minute read that shares the meta-lessons. We curate it for you so that we can build a community with people like you.

With all the aspects of life at hand, there is a certain ratio to life. What is your happy ratio to life? Discover that with us.